August 5, 1726

1726 August 5 (Friday).  Leaving Sister Ruth[1] very ill I rode as far as Captain Brintnalls[2] where I waited for his Son some time, but not coming I hasted to Marlborough.  I din’d at Mr. Woods.[3]  Was at Mr. Brecks[4] — for there was no little need of Resting, it was so exceeding hot.  Thence (Gladly) home.  But here the Evening was very disconsolate!  My Wife was on the Bed lonely but sadly weeping, oppress’d and discourag’d with her own Pains and ills, and with the Sicknesses of many in the Town.  Sarjeant Rice,[5] and Son Eleazer,[6] Neighbor Maynard, Asher Rice, and Jeduthan[7] Fay all suddenly taken and very bad each with scorching fevers.

[1]Ruth Champney, Parkman’s sister-in-law.

[2]William Brintnall of Sudbury.

[3]Benjamin Woods of Marlborough.

[4]Reverend Robert Breck of Marlborough.

[5]Edmund Rice, an original settler of Westborough.

[6]Eleazer Rice lived in southwestern Marlborough but was admitted to the church in Westborough.

[7]Son of Samuel and Tabitha Fay.