May 1, 1726

1726 May 1 (Sunday).  I preach’d on James 1.21 a. and p.m.  I receiv’d Asher Rice[1] into our Communion.  N.B. Captain Fay offer’d to Say Something concerning the Congregations tarrying to Such admissions, but having given Sufficient Notice in my Conversations of my whole Purpose and practice in these Regards I put a stop to him immediately and said no More.

[1]Asher Rice was the son of Thomas Rice.  In 1704, when eight years of age, he was captured by the French and Indians.  Four years later he was recovered by his father.  Asher was an eccentric who retained some habits acquired when living with the Indians.  He later moved to that part of Leicester which became the town of Spencer in 1775.  DeForest and Bates, Westborough, pp. 37-40.  See also The Story of the Rice Boys (Westborough, 1906).