March 10, 1726

1726 March 10 (Thursday).  This morning, though not very good weather, I went to Marlborough to Lecture, But Mr. Cushing both pray’d and preach’d notwithstanding I was sent to, for I was not very well and I was glad I could persuade him.  His Text was Mat. 11.12.  We went down to Mr. Woods and it became very Stormy and rain’d hard.  Mr. Thomas was with us with many of his diverting amusements and adventures in London.  Mr. Woods presented me a Girdle.  Mr. Cushing Lodg’d with me at Mr. Brecks.

March 11, 1726

1726 March 11 (Friday).  Captain Brigham[1] came in and gave us all an Invitation to Dinner with his Troop the last Tuesday of this Month.  When we had din’d we left Mr. Brecks.  I return’d home by way of Deacon Rices.[2]  It was most Tedious Riding by the breaking in of the Horse.  We were run into some Difficulty about going to Mill through it being So long Stormy.  But William Clark on the 12th went for us.  Neighbor Clark brought Three Cows and Mr. Oliver Ward an Horse to my Barn.

[1]Nathan Brigham of Marlborough.  Hudson, Marlborough, p. 334.

[2]Caleb Rice of Marlborough.  Hudson, Marlborough, p. 435.

March 20, 1726

1726 March 20 (Sunday).  I preach’d on the same Text as Last Sabbath.  Jason Badcock an illegitimate born Child presented by Mr. Joseph Wheeler was Baptiz’d.  That I might warrant this practice by Suitable Defence thereof I consulted our gravest New England Divines, Increase Mather, etc., First, and then Foreign most Judicious as van Mastericht (as well as those of our own Nation) Ames, etc.

March 30, 1726

1726 March 30 (Wednesday).  No whither can one turn but the Calamity of the times are felt, Everyone Complaining and Lamenting.  My Neighbor Clark though a foreigner I could not but Commiserate, and I actually did put forth Myself to my utmost to succour him Every Way, By Grain, Hay, keeping Creatures, Money, etc.  O Miserere Deus!  Corn was Sold at Oxford for 8 shillings per Bushel, and in other places.