January 20, 1726

1726 January 19 (Wednesday).  I got into Boston before noon, and joyfull to tell, my Father I saw Sitting up and in some Hopefull Way.  Soli Deo Omnipotenti Gratias ago maximas qui hodienas preces matutinas audiebat et a tanta miseria et Calamitate quanta involutus fui Eiexit.  I visited Mr. Thatcher in the Evening.  Mr. Webb[1] came in, and the Conversation turned upon the Kingdom of Christ, the calling of the Jew, etc.  I observ’d Mrs. Thatcher[2] to discourse with a great deal of pertinence and Solidity as well as Zeal upon the Side of the millenists.  By and by Madame rose up and to Mr. Webb we’ll go if you please Sir from the Jews to Spanish and Polish at which game [?] they play’d till near nine when I left them and went to Captain Boyse’s[3] to see Cousin Dorcas Bowes.  He was presently very Earnest about the Late Transactions at the wedding of Miss Sarah Champney[4] to John Lowell,[5] who were married the 23 of Last Month.  To Day Mr. Lowell ordained at Newbury.

[1]Reverend John Webb of Boston.

[2]Wife of the Reverend Peter Thatcher of Boston.

[3]Samuel Boyce of Boston.

[4]Daughter of Noah and Sarah (Tunnell) Champney.

[5]Reverend John Lowell (Harvard 1721).  Sibley, VI, 496-502.