January 18, 1726

1726 January 18 (Tuesday).  Three quarters after nine in the Morning, I mounted from home upon a very poor dull Horse, which was another Affliction to meet [to me at?] this time.  At Mr. David Hows[1] I saw Mr. McKinstry[2] of Sutton with his friend Briton.  Very Snowy.  In Weston I met my own Beast and it much rejoic’d me to Change.  I got to Father Champney’s[3] in good Season to have gone to Boston, But the Storm was so violent, the wind very high and no less Cold, and very Slippery Riding, Besides that I was so tired and faint that I was necessitated to tarry all night here, though my Resolution had been very Strong to have seen my Father if alive before I left.  Father Champney was very melancholy and Dejected, a great Alteration from a few Months ago.

[1]At the Wayside Inn in Sudbury.

[2]Reverend John McKinstry.

[3]Samuel Champney, Sr.