January 17, 1726

1726 January 17 (Monday).  Last night was Exceeding Cold.  This Morning One of my Summer Piggs I perceived was frozen to Death.  Mr. Barrett[1] came to see us, and with Heavy Tidings of my Fathers being so very ill that my Brother by him sent me this word, that there was Ground to fear My Father would never go abroad again; and therefore it was much desir’d I would immediately go down.  Hereupon I went first to Mr. David Maynards and then to Mr. Pratts[2] for an Horse, mine being not yet returned, but I succeeded not till Eleazer Pratt[3] went to Mr. David Goodno’s and Obtained His.  My Walking so far in the Cold, together with my Troubles and fears, and the Worries of my Mind, were such that I felt very uncomfortable, and I had an Uneasy Night, a bad Cold and grievous Head ach.  And a Tedious Journey at this Season in Prospect, Besides the Melancholly Expectations of what I was altogether unprepar’d for.

[1]Reverend Samuel Barrett of Hopkinton.

[2]John Pratt.

[3]Of Westborough.