October 28, 1724

1724 October 28 (Wednesday).  This was truely the Greatest Day I ever Yet Saw — The Day of my Solemn Separation to the Work of the Gospel Ministry and my Ordination to the Pastorate in Westborough.


The Solemnity came on and proceeded in the manner following.


In Order to the gathering the Church, a Covenant was prepar’d before hand; read, and consider’d by the Candidates for Membership, and was Sign’d.


N.B. An Ecclesiastical Council was form’d, and they having got all Things ready (as they apprehended) proceeded to the Meeting House.  N.B. Reverend Mr. Swift was Sent to, but he was detain’d by Sickness in his Family.  Nevertheless the Church sent two Delegates, viz. Colonel Buckminster[1] and Captain Goddard.[2]


Reverend Mr. Breck was also Sent to, but he was himself so ill (of the Strangury) that he could not attend.  Those ministers being Absent, the Council, with Consent, Admitted and requested Reverend Mr. Williams of Weston to Assist.


Being come to the House of God, the Reverend Mr. Dorr of Mendon open’d the Solemnity with Prayer.  The Reverend Mr. Prentice of Lancaster preach’d a Suitable Sermon from 2 Cor. 12.15.  Afterwards The Reverend Mr. Williams of Weston aforesaid pray’d and gather’d the Church.  There were 12 besides the Pastor Elect, who sign’d the Covenant and answered to their Names in the Assembly.


The Reverend Mr. Prentice gave the Solemn Charge.


The Reverend Mr. Loring of Sudbury the Right Hand of Fellowship.


The Ordain’d appointed the Psalm (part of the 68th) and gave the Blessing.


I wish Every Day throughout my Life, may bear a Suitable proportion to this Day!  That I may be Strong in the Grace which is in Christ Jesus, and that I may grow then into the Glory of God and the Edification of His Church!  Amen![3]

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