October 7, 1724

1724 October 7 (Wednesday).  Mr. Stone[1] came to See Mr. Swift in the Morn.  I inquir’d of Mr. Swift concerning a form of Letter to Send to Churches to request their Help in Ordination but was not satisfy’d.  I rode to Mr. Jones’[2] where I heard of Mrs. Barrett[3] and the Death of her Child.  She had been in Travail a long time and very hardly escaped herself.  I rode up to Hopkinton and was in good Season for the funerall.  A Sorrowful Time!  I rode to Mr. Woods[4] and lodg’d there.

[1]Probably Thomas Stone, selectman of Framingham.  Josiah H. Temple, History of Framingham (Framingham, 1887), p.708.

[2]Probably Colonel John Jones of Hopkinton (now Ashland).

[3]No indication of a Barrett death at this time in Hopkinton Vital Records (Boston, 1911).

[4]Captain John Wood of Hopkinton.