October 1, 1724

1724 October 1 (Thursday).  Dr. Mather[1] preach’d the Lecture, which was upon the Death of Gurdon Saltonstall, Governour of Connecticut.  Mr. Green[2] was in Town but I could not come to Speak to him.  I waited upon Mr. Webb[3] at Mr. Bromfields[4] for the covenant of our Church at Boston.  Just at Night my consort and I went over to Charleston.  She was very much affrighted indeed, But Mr. and Mrs. Appleton[5] were in the Boat.  My Horse was put up at Boylstons.[6]  We visited Mrs. Larkin.[7]  I came up to Cambridge, though a little late.

[1]Cotton Mather.

[2]Joseph Green of Boston.

[3]Reverend John Webb of Boston.

[4]Edward Bromfield, selectman of Boston.

[5]Probably Reverend and Mrs. Nathaniel Appleton of Cambridge.

[6]Richard Boylston of Charlestown.

[7]Probably Mrs. Edward Larkin of Charlestown.