September 2, 1724

1724 September 2 (Wednesday).  In the Morning I rode with My Landlord[1] over to Hopkinton to Mr. Barrett’s Ordination.  We met in Mr. Barretts New House.  Mr. Appleton[2] Pray’d First; Mr. Webb of Boston Preach’d; Mr. Dor then pray’d; Mr. Swift gave the Charge; Mr. Brown[3] of Reading the right Hand of Fellowship; and Elder Lyman[4] Set the Psalm.  We din’d handsomely.  Mr. Cushing, Mr. Thornton Barrett,[5] Cousin Charles Coffin and I all Lodg’d at Mr. Woods.  N.B. Mr. Webb, discourse in the Evening, of the Doctors of the Church.  Viz. Tillotson, Scott, etc.

[1]David Maynard.

[2]Reverend Nathaniel Appleton (Harvard 1712) of Cambridge.  Sibley, V, 599-609.

[3]Reverend Richard Brown, Jr.

[4]Deacon Caleb Lyman of the New North Church, Boston.

[5]Of Hopkinton.