August 25, 1724

1724 August 25 (Tuesday).  I rode Early in the Morn to Marlborough.  Mr. Breck ill yet.  Then rode (with Deacon Peters) over to Stow to the Association[1] at Mr. Gardners.  A Thin Meeting, Mr. Swift and Cushing, Mr. Jenison,[2] Mr. Barrett[3] and Mr. Brintnall.  Mr. Ickyl, etc. up at Stow.

[1]The accepted date and place for the formation of the Marlborough Association of ministers is June 5, 1725, at the house of Mr. Breck in Marlborough.  From this entry in
the Parkman diary it is clear that an association was in existence before that time.  Levi A. Field, An Historical Sketch of the First Congregational Church in Marlborough, Mass. (Worcester, 1859), pp. 16-18.  Joseph Allen, The Worcester Association and Its Antecedents (Boston, 1868), p. 5.

[2]William Jennison (Harvard 1724), later minister of the Second Church of Salem, Mass., 1728-1736.  Sibley, V, 371-374.

[3]Reverend Samuel Barrett of Hopkinton.