August 23, 1724

1724 August 23 (Sunday).  Preach’d all Day.  Tit. 2.12.  News that Captain Harmon[1] had slain 5 or 6 Score Indians at Norridgewock with Sebastian Ralle[2] the Old Jesuit and brought in his and 26 or 27 Scalps besides and Delivered Three Captives from the Enemy.  Among those that were Slain of the Indians Bummageem was one.  His wife and Two Sons were taken Captive and brought to York and Piscataqua.  And in all we lost not a Man but an Indian, a Cape Fellow.  Deo Opt. Max. Gloria Triumphi.  Captain Harmon (it is storied) found an Iron Chest with the Jesuit which had many Letters in it, Some from Gentlemen at Boston (O Horrids) Betraying our Country.

[1]Colonel Johnson Harmon.

[2]Father Sebastian Rale, head of the Jesuit mission at Norridgewock, Maine.  See James P. Baxter, The Pioneers of New France in New England (Albany, 1891)