August 20, 1724

1724 August 20 (Thursday).  I rode to Boston.  Mr. Sewall[1] preach’d.  He is Chosen president of Harvard College.  In the after noon I was at Mr. Gee’s where were Mr. Thomas Foxcroft,[2] Mr. Wigglesworth,[3] Mr. Prince (Nathan),[4] Mr. Turell[5] and Mr. [blank], a Gentleman from the Bank.  I return’d to Cambridge in the Evening.

[1]Joseph Sewall (Harvard 1707), D.D., minister of the Old South Church, Boston.  Sibley, V, 376-393.

[2](Harvard 1714).  Minister of the First Church in Boston.  Sibley, VI, 47-58.

[3]Edward Wigglesworth (Harvard 1710), D.D., Professor of Divinity, Harvard College.  Sibley, V, 546-555.

[4](Harvard 1718). Tutor and fellow of Harvard College.  Brother of Thomas Prince, the historian.  Sibley, VI, 268-279.

[5]Reverend Ebenezer Turell (Harvard 1721), minister of Medford.  Sibley, VI, 574-582.