August 4, 1724

1724 August 4 (Tuesday).  Fast at Hopkington [sic] in order to Ordination.  Mr. Baker a.m., Mr. Dor[1] and Mr. Swift p.m.  They Read a Paper of Meeting to Pray and Confer, etc.  N.B. We met in Mr. Barrett’s New House.  Immediately after Exercises I rode away for Cambridge and got down about Eleven.  N.B. Mr. Hobby[2] speaker at Hopkinton.

[1]Reverend Joseph Dorr (Harvard 1711) of Mendon, Mass.  Sibley, V, 574-578.

[2]William Hobby (Harvard 1725).  Later minister of First Church at Reading, now Wakefield, Mass.  Sibley, VII, 530-537.