August 3, 1724

1724 August 3 (Monday).  Rainy Weather.  I went out to get Men to Mow and Make my Hay.  I was at Mr. Rice’s.  His son Beriah[1] agreed.  At Mr. Prats his Son agreed, and the old Man himself engag’d to See to the Making.  This was very kind.  But I got Mr. Clark[2] to help him.  I was at Mr. Aaron Forbushes[3] and Bakers.  Returning home I was caught in the Rain and was very Wet.  Went into Mr. Prats to Dry and get a Coat.  Thence home.  The Next Day I was at the

[1]Beriah Rice (b. 1702), son of Thomas Rice.

[2]Westborough Vital Records (Worcester, 1903) do not give any record of a Clark in this period.

[3]An early inhabitant of Westborough.