January 10, 1724

1724 January 10 (Friday).  In the Morning I was appointed to go back to Mr. How’s (upon Mr. Cushing’s Horse) to Bring Madame Graves in Company with Mr. Barrett and Madame, Old Mr. How[1] and his Wife.  We din’d at Mr. Whoods Upon roast Goose, roast Pea hen, Bak’d Stuff’d Venison, Beef, Pork, etc.  After Dinner we Smoak’d a Pipe, read Governor Shute’s[2] Memorial to the King and Mr. Cushing and I rode home.  This Eve I visited Old Mr. Rice.[3]  Ensign Newton[4] was with him.  I borrow’d an Horse of him for my Service to Marlborough and to Stow.  I returned Mr. Pratt’s[5] Horse, which I had Us’d through all these Frolicks, by his young Son.  In the Morning I rode to Marlborough.  After Dinner (upon Roast Beef) with Mr. Breck, and our Concerting Measures upon Changing, Mr. Breck rode away for Westborough.

[1]Captain Thomas Howe of Marlborough.

[2]Governor Samuel Shute of Mass.

[3]Thomas Rice of Westborough.  See Andrew H. Ward, A Genealogical History of the Rice Family (Boston, 1858).

[4]Thomas Newton of Westborough.

[5]John Pratt of Westborough.