January 8, 1724

1724 January 8 (Wednesday).  In the Morning came the Committee to treat with a Minister, to acquaint me that the Town had nominated Mr. Eliot with me in order to Choose one of us Minister for This Place.  I was moved with the Thought and manifested to them the Sense I had of the Weightiness of the Affair, And in Truth I was at a Stand (though I did not express any extraordinary hesitation) considering My incapacite on Every head.  But my Eyes and my Heart were directed to the Father of Lights from whom descends every Grace Sufficient that I might be endow’d and prepar’d in Some measure for which his providence might call me.  Mr. Cushing by this Time was come and waited for me below.  The Committee retir’d and I prepar’d to Ride.  Mr. Cushing and I rode to Mr. Whoods to gain Intelligence.  We were directed to Mr. Swifts.  We rode down and got there about Dark.  The Company was not arrived till 8 o’Clock.  Mr. Barrett and his Wife, Two Fathers, Brother Thornton Barrett[1] and Sister Greaves.[2]  Mr. Tilestone[3] and Son James[4] were there.  Mr. Tylestone informed me of the Death of Uncle Clough[5] and Mr. John Mountfort[6] at Boston.  We Sup’d very plentifully and for Rarity had a Pea-Hen roasted.  I lodg’d there with Mr. Tilestone and Mr. Thornton Barrett.

[1]Of Hopkinton.

[2]Perhaps Rachel Graves, wife of Joseph Graves of Framingham.

[3]Probably James Tileston (1678-c. 1740) of Boston.

[4]James, Jr. (b. 1704), son of above.

[5]Ebenezer Clough, father-in-law of Ebenezer Parkman’s brother, Elias.

[6]A prominent merchant of Boston.